Glee Recap: Night of Neglect

Posted: April 19, 2011 in glee, TV
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Glee is back! It got off to a fantastic and funny start, but 10 minutes in, it started to go downhill. Sometimes I find this show exhausting when its characters are extra diva, and extra neurotic. Luckily, like the show always tends to do, it redeemed itself in the end.


A Night of Neglect

The Glee Club dominated at Regionals and is on its way to Nationals. However, in order to get there, they have to fundraise. They need $5000 dollars to get to Nationals, and on top of that they decided to help the members of the Brainiacs (Tina, Artie, Mike Chang, and Brittany) fundraise to get them to the finals of their own.

Schue: “I understand why you three are on the team…”

Puck: Is it because two of them are Asian and Artie wears glasses?

Holly Holliday has the idea to hold a benefit concert and call it “The Night of Neglect.” To think that in a week they could put together a proper fundraiser is a bit ridiculous, but I guess it’s a detail I can overlook.

Sunshine Corazon (Charice), feeling her talents being neglected themselves in her current choir, Vocal Adrenline, volunteers to bring in an audience if they will let her sing. Rachel, of course, is against it but only because her voice is powerful. She may be small, but she sure can sing. Rachel is intimidated.

Meanwhile, Sue, is up to her usual tricks, scheming a way to bring the Glee Club and Will down. She starts by forming her League of Doom (Or Legion of Evil as Sandy refers to it. I’m kinda partial to the latter. Or even Legion of Doom. Yeah!) The League consists of Sue, aka General Zahn, Sandy, aka The Pink Dagger, Terry Scheuster aka Honey Badger, and Dustin, the coach of vocal adrenaline aka Sergeant Handsome. His nickname is a bit of a letdown, as the rest of them are hilarious. Especially Sandy’s because it allows him wear a pink cape and pink hat with a dagger on it. She sends Dustin off to seduce Holly and sends Sandy and a group of hecklers to shut down the benefit.

With Sunshine and Rachel closing the show, Mercedes like she’s been put on the backburner once again, and revolts by “getting her diva on” and making ridiculous demands. Now maybe it’s because I know real people who act like this, but I found this whole plot exhausting. Especially since Mercedes seems to go through this same, one-and-only, crisis all the time.How about instead of throwing a hissy fit, she just stick up for herself and demand a better spot? Like Rachel does. Sure it’s annoying, but it gets the job done. And like Mercedes says, at least people like her, so maybe if she stuck up for herself they’d give her the position she deserves. Random thought: Do you think this whole plot is just the writers way of making fun of Lea Michele? 

At the benefit, it turns out Sunshine backs out (because Sergeant Handsome forces her too) and with her their audience. Thus they are left with Kurt, Blaine, and the 4 hecklers, Azizmo, Jacob Ben-Israel, and Becky. Tina opens the show and I really like the song even though I’ve never heard of it before. Tina is doing a fantastic job, until the hecklers heckle her off the stage. Will Tina ever be able to finish a song? Talk about NEGLECT! Her singing ability has been neglected.

Mike Chang’s dance moves were pretty sweet. I love that he was dancing sharp moves to a mellow song, Jack Johnson’s “Bubble Toes” (I always thought it was Bubbly Toes. I learn something new every day). It got a little weird when the mop came out. Couldn’t Brittany have joined him? But it was still amazing.

After having a little heart to heart with the hecklers, and getting them to leave the Glee Kids alone, Holly Holliday then performs her song. This song, ultimately, leads her to break up with Will. Not just because she can’t commit, but because she saw Will being sweet to Emma earlier, and realized they’re in love with each other, and she has no place in Will’s heart.

Finally, we get Mercedes performance, which is so fantastic it gets the rightful place it deserves. The show closer. Now maybe I’m just a sucker for a gospel choir, but this song truly showed off Mercedes talents. More than any other song since her rendition of “Bust Your Windows.” It was emotional. It was soulful. And it will be downloaded posthaste.

In the end, Sue failed. Sandy, in love with Mercedes song, helps to fund the Brainiacs way to their finals. “That song and the weed I smoked earlier gave me a change of heart. its drug money, but you know it’s a fantastic way to launder it.” Thus, Sue enlists her next weapon, Terry, the Honey Badger.

But more on that next time…

Random Thoughts:

  • Love the image that comes to my head when I imagine Azimio, Becky, and Jacob leaving together in a car with the license plate “Jew Fro.”
  • Loved that Brittany helped the Brainaics win by answering all the questions about feline diseases.
  • Love that Will cleaned Emma’s grape for her (and that’s not a euphemism)
  • Love the way Cory Monteith says “puppy.”
  • Thought the whole scene with Karofsky, Blaine, Kurt, and Santana was a little pointless. But it gave us a chance to see Blaine looking adorable out of his Warblers uniform, so I guess no real argument here.
  • Why didn’t their PARENTS even show up to their benefit concert?

Other Memorable Quotes

Artie – “We bribed her with dots” (How they got Brittany in the Brainiacs)

Sunshine – “Also I’m really short so even when I’m in a group of people it feels like I’m wandering though a forest.” (I feel ya there, girlfriend!)

Azimio – “I think I’m just gonna go home and probably do a new poster about how handsome Mark Harmon is.”

Sargeant Handsome – “Why would I want to get involved in this?”
Sue –  “Well, sergeant, you strike me as a bit of a tool who enjoys playing mind games with your opponents.”


“All By Myself” (Originally by Eric Carmen) – Poweful. A-

“Follow Rivers” (Originally by Lykke Li) – I wish she got to finish that song. It could have been great. B+

“Turning Tables” (Originally by Adele) – Great, though I may be partial to Adele’s version. B+

“Ain’t No Way” (Originally by Aretha Franklin) Man, Mercedes sure knows how to belt out a power ballad. A

Overall, although I felt that certain aspects of the plot were a bit exhausting and disappointing, this episode was good. Good, not great. For the most part the show focused on one main purpose: The Benefit Concert.  Instead of it usually jumping around everywhere in plot. And the songs choices were pretty great.

Next week’s episode looks to be a better episode. I love a good dance gathering in a mall.

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