Source Code

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan, Vera Farmiga, Jeffery Wright

This movie is about: A soldier, Captain Colter Stevens wakes up to find himself on a train. Only, he’s not himself; he’s in the body of another man. 8 minutes later, the train explodes and he is dead. He wakes up again, this time in a capsule of some sort and finds out he’s on a mission to find the person who bombed the train. This bomber is planning a bigger, deadlier explosion and to save the city he must go back and relive this man’s last 8 minutes until he can find the bomber.

Upon first glance, this premise seems a little ridiculous. It feels like Groundhog Day meets, Inception, meets Matrix. However, the movie manages to make the premise feel fresh, and although complicated, also completely understandable. Maybe it’s just the soothing voices of Vera Farmiga and Jeffery Wright that make me want to believe them, or at least feel like I am understanding and even if I’m not, that’s okay because everything will be all right.

There was also another layer, a deeper layer, then just the mystery of the bomber. And that layer was creative and frightening, and pulled at your emotions. It was completely awful, but it also revealed to the viewer the true nature of the characters. They became fuller and richer, from their decisions and reactions to this deeper plot point.

However poor Michelle Monaghan (and her freckles) was the only ones who’s character was not realized.  She played Colter’s love interest, but they didn’t develop it enough, there was a kiss, and then suddenly they were a couple, and he was trying to save and protect her, meanwhile knowing nothing about her except that she decided to quit her job to become take the LSAT’s and become a lawyer.

Jake Gyllenhaal however did a fantastic job at carrying this movie. He has this ease about him that is completely comforting to watch. He had a really great moment near the end of the movie. He had a lot of great moments, but there was one moment that was truly great. That camera just locked itself on his intense blue eyes and you couldn’t help but feel for the guy.

And that’s where the crying came in. Sometimes, when I’m especially tired, I find my senses are down, and I pretty much cry at everything that’s even just a tad bit sentimental. I cried watching the Greys Anatomy the musical, even though it was a completely ridiculous episode. However, Scott Foley singing was ADORABLE, if not completely inappropriate. I never expected to cry during Source Code.

It’s always embarrassing, in general,  to cry during movies. At least it is for me, especially when I try and hide it from my friend sitting next to me. First you try and hide your sniffles in louder parts of the sequence. Next you try to quickly wipe your eyes, but pretending like you just have in it. And finally you try and glance over at your friend to see if they are crying, then that way you won’t feel so embarrassed.

The end, usual the downfall to a high-concept movie like this, was clever while being mysterious and ominous at the same time. And a good ending can help the rest of the movie (if it needs it).


Cliffnotes Version Review: Overall, this movie was quite enjoyable and appealed to all the senses and emotions. Watch it. You won’t be disappointed, especially with the ending where most movies fail.

Ratings: 4 Stars. Go watch it already!

  1. CMrok93 says:

    A well-paced and structured sci-fi thriller that’s as complex as it is clear-headed. Also, Gyllenhaal shows again why exactly he really is one of the better leading men out there, and proves he still has that charm. Good review, check out mine when you can!

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