Battle: Los Angeles got such rotten reviews. 38% Tomato Rating on Rottentomatoes. So maybe that’s why I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. When are go into a movie with such low expectations, there’s nowhere for it to go but up.


Battle: Los Angeles

Starring: Aaron Eckhart, Bridget Moynahan, Ne-Yo, Michael Pena,
Will Rothhaar, Ramon Rodriguez, Lucas Till, Noel Fisher


I admit, Battle LA could have been more. It could have developed a few of its stereotypical characters more. It could have fleshed out the aliens more. It could have been a wee less talky talky. Hell, Battle Los Angeles could have actually been FILMED IN LOS ANGELES And the movie comes nowhere close in terms of the greatness of Independence day which remains my favorite alien/disaster movie to this day. However, and this is a big HOWEVER, I really, really liked it. It was intriguing and intense, emotional and exciting and the shaky cam/news reporting was extremely effective. Okay, enough with the alliteration.

One thing you should about about me, I’m a sucker for alien/disaster films, I’ll say that right off the bat. LOVED Independence Day, LOVED Cloverfield, I just felt okay about War of the Worlds, but that mostly had to do with Tom Cruise, not the aliens attacking the world. LOVED District 9. Battle: Los Angeles is a completely respectable addition to the genre.

The premise of Battle: Los Angeles is simple. Aliens are invading Earth. Earth must now protect itself. This story is told through the eyes of soldiers.


What I liked about the movie:

–          It was action packed. There was a lot of suspense and scary situations. And it sucked me into his drama from the beginning.

–          I always love a movies ability to make me cry. I did here.

–          It was well paced, keeping my attention, never really boring.

–          The Aliens were smart, and they weren’t easy to kill like they often are in other movies.

–          The story (even if it wasn’t shot in LA) took place in LA. Living in LA, there’s something creepy hearing about how they’re evacuating Santa Moncia and destroying it.

–          The badass-ness of the characters. Even if we didn’t really know much about them, for the most part I liked all of them.

–          SPOILER ALERT! I like the idea of the unmanned ships. It just makes the whole scenario that much scarier. While the humans/the army, are sending out planes and helicopters and jets with soldiers in them, the aliens use unmanned ships to cause their destruction. If a ship goes down, there’s still no loss of life.

This movie was no Independence Day, but it was pretty good and I don’t think it deserves all the negative things about it. Sometimes a movie is just a movie. We don’t always need to be thinking, or feel exhausted and drained coming out of a movie. Sometimes its nice to sit back with your popcorn, and forget about your life for two hours, while being engrossed into some kick-ass alien massacre fun. Who doesn’t want that?

Check it out. Keep your mind open, and just remember, not all rivers run deep, but they’re still satisfying if you just stick your feet in and don’t think about it.

Rating: 3 ½ stars.

  1. Bryce says:

    Haha, I totally agree with this review…I saw it last night and despite all the poor reviews, I didn’t think it was that bad. It reminded me of Black Hawk Down except with aliens. It had some cheesey and unnecessary dialog times. Only ridiculous scene was them somehow discovering the alien weakness just by doing on-the-fly dissection with the help of the vet (a very beautiful Bridgette Monyahan)

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