Glee Recap: Sexy

Posted: March 8, 2011 in glee, TV
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Gwyneth Paltrow is a breath of fresh air to Glee. This show was a big improvement. They handled the sex topic, better than the alcohol one. It had hilarious moments mixed with sweet moments, awkward moments mixed with real and quiet moments. Overall this episode was a success plot wise, but I was a bit disappointed with the song performances. Read on for my recap!



Emma and Will are having lunch and Emma is discussing what happened at her Chastity Club (Well, really just Quinn and Rachel) when they are interrupted by Holly Holliday (Gwyneth Paltrow) who is back subbing for the sex-ed teacher. Go figure. Thus we get the age old discussion about teaching kids about safe sex vs. teaching kids celibacy. Holly tells Will his kids are super uneducated about sex…

Cut to Brittany thinking she’s pregnant. “I don’t need to go to the doctor, I just need to look outside my window. Three days ago a stork built it’s on top of my garage. I’m not stupid. It’s obviously getting ready to bring me my baby. I know where babies come from.”

I love how this scene plays out:  the looks on the other kids faces + the music in the background = perfect comedy.

From this moment, Will realizes his kids do need a little sex education. Holly Holliday thinks they can teach them about sex. Or should I say “educate,” since they’ve already said it a BILLION times. They decide to teach kids about sex by sneaking it in with other lessons – and through song. More specifically, “Do You Want To Touch Me There” by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. And it’s quite the hair and cleavage show. The kids are into it, allowing Holly to slip in such gems as, “Sex is like hugging, only wetter.”

Elsewhere, Sue pops in to alert the Warblers that the Glee is “sexifying” themselves. Blaine decides to test their sexiness by doing a performance in front of some girls from the all-girls school next door. First I can’t help noticing Kurt finally gets to sing with Blaine. But then it gets weird with Kurt’s facial expressions. Then it gets even worse with the soap suds and beach balls. I’m uncomfortable. And that is not sexy. Am I wrong? Plus, I just think their song choice (“Animals” by Neon Trees”) is a song what’s WAY OVERPLAYED.

Luckily Blaine also notices Kurt’s weird faces and tries to teach him something about sex, or being sexy. Also uncomfortable. Blaine decides to go to Kurt’s father to see if he has ever taught Kurt about sex. Uncomfortable and ballsy. But then it turns sweet. Blaine is really genuine with Kurt’s Dad and it leads to a much needed discussion with his son. It was played out just right, not too heavy-handed. Good job, guys!

Will wants Holly’s help turning Prince’s “Kiss” into a tango. Okay. Matthew Morrison falsetto “Prince” is AWFUL! I’m sorry. AWFUL. What a horrible way to start this fantastic song. But when we start breaking it down into harmonies and Gwyneth takes over, it’s MUCH BETTER, and I’m actually starting to really like it. And then all of the sudden they’re making out in front of the students. UM, awkward. But it turns out the cool and collected Ms. Holliday has some intimacy issues.

Will lets Emma perform a song for the Glee Club from the Chastity Club. And what we get is an awful rendition of “Afternoon Delight.” I don’t care if you add Stamos and Puck to it. It’s awful. I think it’s supposed to awful. This is my favorite version of the song. Emma thinks it’s a sweet and wholesome song, but it’s not really. Carl pulls Holly aside and tells her he and Emma need “office hours” with her. During these offices hours Emma admits she still has feelings for Will driving Carl away, Holly to Will.

Elsewhere, Brittany and Santana are still fooling around. Only Santana says it’s not cheating, and of course Brittany believes it. Brittany confused, especially since Santana keeps pushing her away so they decide to go to Holly for help. As a result, the three of them sing “Landslide” (covered by the Dixie Chicks, originally sung by Fleetwood Mac – Thanks Melissa for the catch) to work out their feelings toward each other and their love ones. From this performance, Santana realizes that she DOES indeed have feelings for Brittany, only she’s afraid of being bullied like Kurt was. She’s afraid of what other people will say. And I love this moment, because it’s real, it’s heartfelt, and it’s not cheesy. Santana wants to be with Brittany. Only, Brittany loves Artie, and right now, she can’t be with her. Santana is heartbroken.

We end the episode with an old couple: Finn and Quinn, and a new couple Will and Holly. And now that Quinn and Finn are back, the bitchiness in Quinn is back as well. I gotta say, I missed it! I can’t wait to see how this will play next episode.

Overall this episode was a success with the plot. Usually this show is a bit lacking there. However, it decided to slack off in the song performances. Nothing really stuck out to me. Nothing made me want to immediately log onto iTunes and download the song. The only song I really liked was the Prince one, but come on, Prince’s version is SO MUCH BETTER. Because, hell, it’s Prince.

Favorite Quotes:

Puck: “I like you Laruen. I like wooing you. Next to dropping a deuce it’s my favorite part of the day.”  (Man I wish someone would say this to me one day!)

Holly to Emma: “My Lips are sealed, just like your legs”.

Holly: “Sex it’s just like hugging only wetter.”

Holly: “The health and wellness teacher is out with a bad case of the herp. Yikers.”

Lauren to Puck: “If your lovemaking prowess is as impressive as your skills of deduction, I’m in for a wild night.”

Holly during jazzercise: “Grease it.”

Random thoughts: 1) Did Glee waste the perfect opportunity to cover Salt N Pepa’s –  “Lets Talk About Sex?” . and 2) Is it just me or does Quinn’s hair get more and more flippier and curlier? I don’t like it.


Song Ratings

“Do You Want To Touch Me There” – B

“Animals” – B

“Kiss” – B+ (I knocked a few points off for Matthew Morrison’s HORRIBLE Falsetto)

“Landslide” – C+ (The song wasn’t bad. In fact it was sweet, I just wish Brittany and Santana sang more)

“Afternoon Delight” – D

What are you thoughts on this episode? Did you like the song choices? Do you LOVE Gwyneth like I do?

  1. Melissa says:

    Usually I keep this kinda stuff to myself…but being as “Landslide” is a CLASSIC song that everyone knows I was really dissapointed to see that you credited it in your post to The Dixie Chicks. While The Dixie Chicks DID cover the song, quite well I’ll also add, the song was made famous by Fleetwood Mac. Just thought you’d like to get your info straight!

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