Glee Recap: Blame It On The Alcohol

Posted: February 22, 2011 in glee, TV
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This week’s after-school-special-topic of the week is: Alcohol. Should we find it ironic that as I’m watching Glee, and writing this recap, I’m having a rum and coke? Nah….I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to find out how the Rachel Berry Train Wreck Extravaganza House Party goes!

On to my review!


“Blame It On The Alcohol”

Puck somehow finds out that Rachel’s Dads are out and tries to convince her to throw a party. But when she turns it down he tells her she “sucks” and is “boring.” Very mature Puckerman. Then when Rachel tries to write some original music but can only come up with a lame-ass song about her headband, Finn tells her if she wants to write good songs, she should “do some livin’.” And thus, the Rachel Berry Train Wreck Extravaganza House Party is born.

At first, in true Rachel Berry fashion, the party is lame, but then Puckerman breaks into the liquor cabinet and thus a party rages on, complete with Santana doing belly button shots off Brittany, I sure hope she cleaned that first. (Santana’s mouth, or Brittany’s belly button, you pick). Rachel drinks a pink wine cooler and starts yelling “It Tastes like Pink” which they totally stole from Gilmore Girls by the way. (You know the episode where Rory turns 21 and Luke drinks her pink drink and says it tastes pink like a “my little pony”.)

Blaine (Darren Criss) is dancing like how I dance at parties. His hair is messed up and he’s not in his uniform and I think he looks 10 times cuter. Is it just me?

Finn, the designated driver, of course, breaks down the drunken girl types at the party:

Santana: Weepy Hysterical Drunk
Lauren and Quinn: Anger Drunk
Brittany: The Girl Who Turns Into A Stripper Drunk. (Um, I love that Artie is throwing cash at her. HILARIOUS)
Mercedes and Tina: Happy-Girl Drunk
Rachel: Needy Girl Drunk (Why is Finn so mean to Rachel?)

Finn, if you know so much about drunk girls, you should know…Don’t Get Them Angry. However, his names for the types of drunk girls would make awesome super hero names, woudn’t you think? I

“Your face tastes awesome.” Yes, that is what Rachel says when she and Blaine kiss. I should use that line sometime. Then we get a fabulous duet from the new “couple” – “Don’t You Want Me Baby?” (originally by Human League) I think this song will be going on my ipod. It’s catchy, and their voices go well together – though I do like the original better, reminds me of the 80’s and that movie Music and Lyrics. But back to the story: After they kiss, Kurt is less then thrilled, can you blame him? P to the S: I love those glasses Puck was sporting for most of the party. They made him look adorable!

The next day, Glee club has a hangover, Brittany wears and awesome had that looks to be made of ewok , Artie tells them to keep drinking (Hey that’s my philosophy, to avoid a hangover, just keep drinking) and the Glee Club sings Jamie Foxx’s “Blame it on the Alcohol”. Um, I didn’t like this song when Jamie Sang it, and I still don’t. But it gives the Glee Club to dance in pleather and sequins…yeah, I’m not impressed. Moving on…

Then we get the “Dangers of Alcohol” according to Mr. Schuester full of judgment, and cheese, which is his specialty. This of course is not tell taken by the Gleeks. SHOCKER! But, the Glee Club is indeed a mess, and it’s making them kind of obnoxious. Well, more than usual.

Rachel, who is now infatuated with Blaine, and still drinking, asks Blaine out. And he says yes. Kurt is confused and unhappy. Blaine says his kiss with Rachel felt good and he contemplates bisexuality. Kurt is upset because he looks up to him and he feels like, in Kurts words, “he’s tiptoeing back in the closet.” But the truth is, Blaine doesn’t know who he is, and he’s just as confused as Kurt is. I side with Blaine on this one. Let him figure it out. He young, and doesn’t know who he is. Hell, I’m old and I still don’t know who I am. We all need to figure out who we are by ourselves. No one can figure it out for us, as much as they may want to.

Will has a wild night out with Beastie at a roadhouse none the less They serenade us with a rendition of “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” and I think I’ll hate it, but it’s actually pretty fun. It’s totally a song I’d sing during Karaoke at one of these places. Now I want to go line dancing. Does that make me a bad person?

Rachel and Kurt clean up the party (a day later?) and Rachel talks about their date. Okay, here’s my beef, doesn’t Rachel know Kurt likes Blaine? And aren’t they friends? Why would you do that to your friend? At least talk to them first. That’s very disrespectful and I think uncharacteristic of Rachel. Sure she’s lonely and she’s young (and fictional) but I thought she and Kurt were really getting along. And I liked their friendship. Kurt, instead of telling Rachel how much this is all hurting and confusing him, apparently challenges Rachel by saying, “Blame it on the Alcohol” See what I did there? Rachel, in true Rachel fashion, accepts the challenge saying she’s going to prove him wrong. Yay?

After their drunken night out, Beastie and Will have a heart to heart about the fact that they were drinking and yet safe. Will wants his kids to know that as well. Have fun but be safe. Beastie tells will that he can’t lecture the kids, “the best we can do is make the aware of the dangers and hope their smart enough to make the decision on their own.” I agree, and I knew I liked Beastie for a reason. Then he grades paper while drinking beer, “I don’t know who you are!” I have a feeling many of my high school teachers did the same thing.

Brittany and the Glee Club perform some Key-Dollar Sign-Ha at the school assembly, and my love for her (Brittany, not Ke$ha) continues to grow. Her dance moves leave everyone else in the dust. Unfortunately, the fabulous performance is cut short due to some weird, purple, projectile vomit that looks thick like paint.

Sue publicly humiliates Will. I think the more important question is, I know Will was drunk, but E (as in Emma) is so far from S (as in Sue), so realistically how did he drunk dial Sue? I mean he was sober enough to grade papers and still write legibly. Sorry folks, if you haven’t’ already realized, I tend to go on rants about this show as if it were really happening in life. Luckily, Principal Figgins in all his wonderful oblivion thought it was all just a performance to get the students to stop drinking.

At the end of the day, the Glee Club won’t drink again. I guess some people don’t like to get vomited on, go figure. And if they do, they can call Mr. Schuester up and he’ll take care of them. Also, Rachel kisses Blaine. As a result, Blaine announces he’s definitely gay, then excuses himself to go to the bathroom. Who comes into a coffee shop, stands in line, gets kissed by a girl, then goes to the bathroom? That’s a bit creepy weird. And Rachel finally has some good song writing material.

This episode wasn’t bad, but it was a bit too heavy handed with the alcohol subject. Just like it was with the bullying subject. I wish things flowed a bit more naturally with these kind of subjects. Sometimes they feel a bit too forced.

Things I’ve taken away from this episode:

1) From now on I will be calling alcohol “The Wet Devil.”
2) I want an Ewok hat like Brittany’s.
3) Sometime in my life I will repeat the phrase, “Your face tastes awesome.”
4) Instead of saying I don’t like that, I will now say, “No me gusta.”

What did you guys think of this episode? Wasn’t Rachel a bit dimwitted this episode? No one is that clueless. You don’t go after your friend’s crush. Period. Anyone else think enough with the heavy handed topics and more songs please? Does anyone else share my love for Brittany?

Next weeks episode looks promising. Gwenyth Paltrow is back!

Until then!


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