Glee Recap: “Comebacks”

Posted: February 16, 2011 in glee, TV
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This episode was all about “Comebacks” and “Anthem”s or “Epic’s”. This episode was definitely a “comeback” from the post-superbowl episode, but it wasn’t as “epic” as the Valentine’s Day episode. See what I did there? Yeah you did.


“The Comeback”

Sue is depressed and in need of a comeback. She decides to infiltrate the Glee Club and take it down in 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Fake her own suicide. Emma “She doesn’t have a pulse! She doesn’t have a pulse.” “Yes, I do.”

Step 2: Have Emma convince Will to let Sue join the Glee Club. Will to Sue: “Life is Beautiful.” How come whenever he says something I tend to roll my eyes? Maybe it’s the way he says it.

Step 3: Turn the Glee Members against each other. But this backfires as we get an AWESOME Dive-Off from Mercedes and Rachel to RENT’s, “Take Me For What I Am.” It was Diva at it’s most Diva-ness, and I thought it was fantastic. As did the girls and they were once again friends.

Step 4: Teach and sing the Glee Club an “Anthem” worthy song, only to rip it from their hands and reveal the true plan.  She’s working for the enemy.

Let’s move on to the Bieber experience:

The moment Sam decides to sing Bieber song’s I can’t help but cringe. I don’t know what it is about that kid but I just don’t get it. I guess it’s because I’m not a 10-16 year old girl. But Sam decides in order to keep Quinn he must relentelessy sing Bieber songs.

He decides to perform “Baby” in front of the Glee Club. At first they all cringe, and I do too. Then everyone starts to get into it, except for Finn. Sorry Bieber fans, but I’m with Finn. I’m just not into the Biebs.  However, I do have to admit, Puck singing along to Bieber is kinda awesome.

Artie, Puck, and Mike see how the girls react to Sam’s performance and they, of course, want in. All the girls have been in a lull or sugar crash from Valentine’s Day. (RE: Tina playing Angry Birds while making out with Mike) Now, while Angry Birds is awesome, I don’t think anything could distract me from those abs.)

Then next performance by “The Bieber Experiene” (Which I do like better than Bieber Fever) is “Somebody to Love.” I have to admit, I have not heard this song, so I can’t compare it to the original. Though I can imagine it. There’s something about Artie singing Bieber that actually makes me like this song.  I’m kinda digging The Bieber’s Experience version of it. However, Bieber’s dance moves DO NOT SUIT Mike Chang.

Sam’s plan works. Quinn has refocused her attention back on Sam. (That little minx!) And Sam is as happy as a clam –see what I did there?—That is until Santana ruins it all by showing him the light. And we get probably one of the most awesomely,  hilarious monologues ever to come out of her mouth.

“Despite the fact that your mouth to face ratio is way off, you somehow manage to be cute. But make no mistake; every time you open your humungous mouth to make an impression, or moisten an enormous stamp for a lazy giant, you take one step closer to everyone seeing you are actually a dork. Which is where I come in, I hereby offer my services as a mistress. I wants on those lips and I wants on them now…Consider my offer. Not only am I giving you full visitations rights to the set of rambunctious twins that live on my ribcage, you get the chance to show that pastry bag Finn that he can’t mess with Sam Evans—and not just because you can unlock your jaw and swallow him whole like a python, but because you have some buzz at this school.” Seriously, tell me which part of that monologue wasn’t awesome?

So in Summary: Sam and Quinn are off. Quinn and Finn are off. Finn and Rachel are off . Sam and Santana are on. I’m confused. But I guess that’s high school.

Meanwhile, Rachel is trying to gain a comeback of her own, from what? I have no idea. Brittany: “What exactly are you coming back from?” Rachel — Step 1: Start a trend. Rachel enlists Brittany to help her start clothing trends around the school. And it works, only in Brittany’s favor as she takes all the credit. But seriously, Brittany could make any look work. Don’t you think?

When Rachel confronts Brittany we actually see a bit of a catty side from her. I don’t know but I didn’t like it. Brittany is sweet, and innocent, and a ditz, and that’s what I love about her. Most of the time her selfishness can be endearing, but this time it wasn’t. And I felt sorry for Rachel. Is it just me?

In the end, we get what I think Glee does best. Group performances. We haven’t had one of these in a while. Sue suggests the Glee Club take on a real Anthem and we get, what I think is a great performance of “Sing!” by My Chemical Romance. This was their first performance, in a long time, as a Glee Club. No one had a glorified Solo. No one is considered strictly back-up singers. They sang as one, in perfect harmony, dressed as the brawny paper towel men. And it did feel epic. I also like the camerawork because it’s gritty, and raw, and they just all look like they’re having pure, raw fun.

Other Notables

Will and Sue singing “This Little Light of Mine” with Cancer kids. In my opinion, this was a below the belt tactic to manipulate us into crying. And it worked! I welled up like Sue. It was sweet and sad at the same time.

Lauren’s “I Know What Boys Like” Performance: Fantastic. Especially, when she pushes Brittany and Tina to the floor like toothpicks.

Brittany: “When people look at you they don’t see what you’re wearing. They see a cat getting it’s temperature taken and then they hear it screaming.”

Santana to Sam: “Despite the fact that your mouth to face ratio is way off, you somehow manage to be cute.”

Sue: I agree with SpongeHair SquareChin.”

“Avatar on Ice audition”. I hope we get to see that. (Wasn’t her to-do list, great?)

Next week we get The Rachel Berry Train Wreck Extravaganza House Party. I’m looking forward to it…

That’s all folks. What did you think of this weeks installment?


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