Glee Recap: “Silly Love Songs”

Posted: February 8, 2011 in glee, TV
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Finally! A Glee Episode I can get on board with. This episode was funny, sweet, charming, tender, and most of the songs I wanted to download. Why didn’t this episode play after the Superbowl?


“Silly Love Songs”

This episode we get away from the bullying/glees are geeks plot, and we move on to Valentine’s Day. All of the couples are at their coupley-ist making the singles feel lonesome. Puck takes to wooing Lauren, Finn aims to make Quinn kiss him again, Kurt crushes on Blaine, and Rachel tries for what may be the last time, for now, to make Finn forgive her.

Now on to my review!

Puck and Lauren may not seem like a likely couple, but it was Lauren shooting him down that made him see the light, “You’re not good at this.” I guess guys really do want what they can’t have.

Finn thinks he’s a hot-shot now that they won the game. Or according to him HE won the game for the school. Now that every girl is throwing themselves at him, he decides, for charity, he’s going to start a kissing booth. Plus, he can get Quinn to kiss him again.

Now for my favorite plot, what may be the cutest/least annoying relationship on the show (aside from Brittany and Artie who still remain my favorite couple), we get the Kurt/Blaine relationship. They are just so damn adorable. Especially when Blaine orders and pays for Kurt’s drink. It’s nice having a guy you like know what you’re into. It shows he cares, or he’s thinking of you, even if it’s just he has a really good memory. Deep down they know that you’ll get a kick out of it, and they like the attention. But it’s still cute. Blaine confesses he has a crush on, “someone” making Kurt believe it’s him. Okay, let me stop you right there. Look, if you’re hanging out with someone you know likes you, and you want “advice” on a “crush” you have, use names people. Because you’re only setting me us him, up for heartbreak.

In Glee class, Schue draws a big heart with the word love inside and tells them he has a new assignment for them. Brittany, “Is it love? I’m totally going to graduate now!” I love Heather Morris’ delivery. Schue couples them up and tells them to sing a love song to each other. Finn also brings up his kissing booth idea saying the money he earns will go to charity. Santana immediately shoots/insults the idea down causing all the Glee members to get all catty back on her. And we get a great round of dialogue.

Santana: “Oh please you guys love me. I keep it real, and I’m hilarious.”
Lauren: “Actually you’re just a bitch.”
Quinn: “Three weeks ago you said you were disappointed I didn’t have a lizard baby.”
Tina: “And five minutes ago you said MR. Schue belonged in a 12 step program”
Mr. Schue: “Wait what?”
Santana: “You’re addicted to vests.”
Rachel: “The truth is Santana you can dish it out, but you can’t take it. Okay maybe you’re right, I am destined to play the title row in the Broadway Musical version of Willow, but the only job you’re going to have is working on a pole.”

Meanwhile, Blaine, who wants to win over his “crush” by serenading him, decides to offer a plea to The Warblers to perform in public. Something they haven’t done in years. Kurt, who still believes this performance is for HIM, helps Blaine achieve this, even when the rest of the Warblers are a little hesitant. He’s all onboard UNTIL…he learns Blaine has eyes for a boy at GAP.

Rachel and Mercedes console a crushed Kurt and I think it’s sweet. I like Rachel when she’s nice and compassionate, not so much when she’s annoying. More scenes like this please, Mr. Ryan Murphy.

Back to Puckerman, who’s still in hot pursuit of Lauren. (And may I just say Ashley Fink just gets more and more awesome with each passing episode?) He serenades her with a fantastic rendition of Queen’s “Fatbottom Girls.” Man, you can never go wrong with a Queen song. I just love great harmonies. And this song is definitely going on my ipod. However, Lauren is not into it. She finds it offensive and it hurt her feelings. I see her point, but come on girl, the song is pretty awesome.

Sam is jealous when he sees Quinn and Finn in an almost intimate moment. Maybe if you cut your emo hair Sam, she’ll like you better. Seriously, that hair has gotta go! Or at least slick it back like you did in the car commercial. But I digress, back to the plot point that kinda bores me a bit, only because I don’t think Quinn and Finn belong together BORING. Put Quinn back with Puck. Or another bad boy. Golden child with golden child is a little too “throw-upy” for me. Yes, that’s my new word, copyright pending. Throw-Upy.

In a sweet moment, while totally seeing through Rachel’s dollar-for-a-kiss freak-out. Finn gives her a necklace he’s been holding onto for a while and immediately I think, I want that necklace! Then Finn kisses Quinn in front of Sam and he sees fireworks. Ruh-Roh.

Mike Chang gets to show off his sweet dance moves to Artie singing “Pretty Young Thing.” Where were these dance moves during Thriller? I don’t know why, but whenever Artie busts out the smooth white boy rapping, I can’t help but smile. I like it when Glee makes me smile!

Then we get, what may possibly be the most awesome girl-fight in television history. A smackdown, and I mean SMACKDOWN, between Lauren and Santana. And It. Is. Awesome. My favorite part is when Lauren slides Santana down the hall like a hockey puck. How, freaking awesome was that? Seriously?

Blaine and the Warblers serenade his “crush” to Robin Thicke’s “When I Get You Alone,” and while great, I can’t help but cringe from embarrassment. However, neither can Blaine’s crush, who we can immediately tell is unhappy by the fact he keeps running from Blaine. And we can all collectively breathe a sigh of relief because Blaine belongs with Kurt. Especially after he was so strong, and gave Blaine a pep-talk “You’re awesome” before he put his heart on the line. It’s tough, to root for your crush to be with someone else, when really you believe he’s you he belongs with. Luckily Kurt is there to pick up the pieces.

Meanwhile Santana, who discovers Quinn and Finn are cheating, decides to give them both Mono. “I’ve had mono so many times it turned into stereo.” Almost getting caught helps Quinn realize before things can go any further between them she needs to find where she stands with Sam, and Finn needs to see where things stand between him and Rachel.

Kurt, who seems to be the healthiest out of all of them, finally declares his love to Blaine. He is much braver then I could ever be. Or maybe I just haven’t crushed on the right person to make me want to put my feelings all on the line like that. “Okay, can I ask you something, because we’ve always been completely honest with each other. You and I, we hang out, we sing flirty duets together, you know my coffee order, was I supposed to think that was nothing? I thought the guy you wanted to ask out on Valentine’s Day was me.” Blaine realizes he is clueless, but that Kurt is awesome and he doesn’t want to mess up their friendship, especially when he has no idea what he’s doing. Let’s hope these two kids get together soon, yeah?

In the end, The Warblers perform at Breadstix for Valentines Day with the whole Glee Club there to support them. They sing “Silly Love Songs,” and I’m sorry Blaine/The Warblers, but Ewan McGregor did it better. Still it’s sweet, and there’s a fantastically funny moment when Blaine sings, “Love doesn’t come in a minute, sometimes it doesn’t come at all,” to Santana. The look on her face (and his for that matter) is PRICELESS and made me laugh out loud.

Overall, this episode more than makes up for the messy downer the post-superbowl episode was.

What did you think about this episode? Better right?

  1. foxee says:

    YES! Absoluuuutely better than post-superbowl. The review is fantastic. Exactly what I was thinking but you’ve put it down so much better. Great grammar, sentence and thought construction too:)

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