Well folks, as 2010 comes to an end, it’s time to look back. And reminisce about the movies we’ve experienced in the last 365 days.I’ve seen 42, 2010 releases this year.

First, let’s start off with *drum roll please*….



There are 7 movies that came out this year that I dub, the worst movies of 2010. These are only movies I have personally seen, and may not be the ACTUAL worst movies of 2010.  My 7th worst movie of 2010….

Avatar: The Last Airbender

From the mind of M. Night Shamalayan. Someone should tell his mind to write better dialogue. And cast better actors. Interesting concept…and the good ends there. Plus the flying rat, dog, beaver thing was a total rip off/cross between Never Ending Story and Where the Wild Things Are.

#6. When In Rome

I love me some Kristen Bell and I like Josh Dumahel. I did not like this movie. Sure it had some cute parts, like whenever the couple was together, unfortunately most of the movie was wasted on the 3 most annoying characters possible falling in love with Kristen Bell. What would have been more interesting where if any of those 3 love interests had any redeeming qualities what-so-ever. End Scene.

#5. The Bounty Hunter.

Jennifer Aniston was her usual annoying self, Gerard Butler – I’m sorry but no matter what role that man plays he just comes off as a sleeze ball. Put them together and you have a sleezy pile of annoying.

#4. Valentines Day.

I LOVE Garry Marshall. Even if his RomCom’s are cheesy they’re fantastic, i/e Pretty Woman, Princess Diaries, Raising Helen. Heck, I even worked on this movie, and Garry Marshall seems like a geuninely nice guy. And the cast was excellent. However this movie FAILED! It had no plot, too many characters that did NOT go together at all. And, it had TOO MANY STARS. Sometimes that can just become a big down fall. Plus sorry, but the two Taylors (Lautner and Swift) cannot act and are annoying. Yes they’re pretty, but that doesn’t mean they can act!

#3. The Other Guys.

I went into this movie with high hopes. I love Mark Walberg, and while Will Farrell can sometimes be hit (see, Anchorman) or miss (See Land of the Lost, which I didn’t), he can usually crack me up, if it’s just from pure embarassment. But this movie was just NOT. FUNNY. AT. ALL. All Marky Mark did was complain and all Will Farrell did was be annoying. I’m sorry people but you can’t make a movie on these elements. You need something more. This movie had all the potential to be really funny, but I guess the funny parts were just in the trailer.


#2. The Back Up Plan.

Another movie I was looking forward to – mostly because I worked on it. But I should have known while working on it, it would be a fail. Even though I hate her music, I generally like Jennifer Lopez romcom movies: Jack, Wedding Planner, Shall We Dance, and Alex O’Loughlin is some good eye candy. But JLo had absolutely NO CHARM in this movie. Where did it go? And I’m sorry but I don’t think AOL could act his way out of a paper bag. Just keep taking your shirt off dude – the again that’s probaby why Hawaii 5-0 is so popular. The show is catching off as more and more he’s becoming shirtless and less and less is he saying anything. Oh and the plot of the movie, sloppy and ridiculous! Except for the live birth scene, that was hilarious.


And the #1 worst movie of 2010….

Dear John.

I’m sorry, but after watching the maybe 90 minute movie, I swear I wanted about FIVE HOURS of my life back. I didn’t even have to pay for the movie and I still wanted my money back. I really like Amanda Seyfried, but like Mike Chang on Glee says, why do they keep putting Channing Tatum in stuff? The premise of the movie was stupid, the plot was boring and not romantic at all, and the movie just kept getting worse. How do movies like these keep getting made people? I like HAPPY ENDINGS, don’t make a romcom with an open/ambiguous/depressing ending. Okay? Okay? Okay!


Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Discuss!


And then come back in a day or so for my top 10, as well as my rankings for the other movies.

  1. Dana says:

    I completely disagree with you…..”Dear John” is great movie. It’s just not for any spectator, you should feel this movie, not just watch…..

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