Glee Recap: A Very Glee Christmas.

Posted: December 8, 2010 in TV
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This episode Glee brings us Christmas music. I’m a bit skeptic because sometimes Christmas can come off cheesy, which, I guess is mostly how GLEE is.

But the first song we get is “Island of Misfit Toy’s” and I’m in love. I love this song. It’s so sweet. And so fitting that because that’s what the Glee club is. And they are putting together a sad, pathetic tree. So really it’s symbolic all around.

And I have to say, I am LOVING Artie and Brittany’s relationship. I think even more then I loved Artie’s relationship with Tina. Last week he was so sweet, and thoughtful with her. He didn’t see her as stupid, just innocent and child like. This week, he finds out she still believes in Santa, and somehow the Glee writers make it sweet and charming, if a bit sad. But instead of feeling sorry for the poor girl, it’s more like she’s breaking my heart. Especially when she asks Santa to give Artie the ability to walk. It shows that she really and truly cares for him. She believes Santa can do ANYTHING, and she could have asked him for ANYTHING. So she asks him for this. That’s a big deal. And it’s kinda fantastic that she believes that Santa can do miracles. Like Artie says, “why wouldn’t you want to keep someone’s world magical? At least for a little while longer.” It’s true. If something believes in something that make them happier and does no harm to know one else. Why not just keep them happy? Like me, I believe if no one sees me eat food that’s bad for me then the calories don’t count. Why not keep me happy and believe that fact?

And I also find that my Christmas wish is very similar to Puck’s. I also want “Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff.” What a coincidence.

There’s some Rachel and Finn stuff, but it’s so uninteresting I’ll ignore it. What’s more interesting is Chris Colfer and Darren Criss singing, “Baby It’s Cold Outside.” It’s definitely one of my favorite Christmas songs. Even they they are singing it well and their voices blend so well – I still can’t help preferring Zooey Deschanel’s version from Elf. These two actors have great Chemistry, BTW.

In other plot points, Sue makes it so she is everyone’s secret santa. Genuis idea. I need to remember to do that at my next Secret Santa dealings with friends. Too bad the only gift items Will could think of for here were a robot dog, and a soul. Do they sell soul’s in stores? Also genius, Will giving Sue a fur lined track Sue.

Wait, wait, wait, Sue is singing Mr. Grinch! I LOVE IT! I have to stop writing now so I can watch it. I’m too happy, I don’t even care that she’s ruining the Glee’s room. And I don’t even mind that she’s singing in a voice over. It’s actually even better. Technically, it’s all voice over, but whatever, semantics. (Edit: I’m being told, it’s actually K.D. Lang singingly. Slightly bummed, but I’ll just focus on little Becky dressed as the reindeer dog, pulling the sled. Is this the first time a Glee song hasn’t been sung by a Glee-ster?)

“I swear Santa’s a boy, everyone knows that.” I don’t know why, but I find this line FUNNY. Maybe it’s just Heather Morris’ delivery.

Rachel and Finn sing amongst fresh Christmas trees, and I have to admit, as infuriating as I find their together/not together story line. I’ve definitely missed their powerhouse singing. I really enjoying how their voices meld. “Last Christmas, I gave you my heart….” But the singing is over, the drama is back. Rachel won’t give Finn space, so now she loses him. Girl, don’t you know if you love him set him free? Or at least loosen your leash? He needs space woman. Space! I’m also over these Ross/Rachel storylines. “We were on a break!”

We get a sweet moment between Beastie and Brittany. The gang convinces Beastie to dress up as Santa and tell Brittany that Santa can not, in fact, make Artie walk again. This moment is so sweet, and so heartfelt, until Brittany ruins it with the hilarious line, “Are you talking about Ricki Lake?” when Beastie talks about a husky girl putting her huskiness to good use. Even after she’s irrelevant Ricki Lake can’t get a break! Ricki! Ricki! Ricki! Okay, I’m done. Unfortunately, Artie’s plan backfires, and Brittany loses her Christmas Spirit. But he’s such a good boyfriend, it hurts.

Sue is happy and basking in her stolen Christmas gifts. But suddenly Becky and Sue hear Christmas music ringing throughout the halls. The GLEE club is singing a Christmas song, I have to admit that I haven’t heard before. But I LOVE the harmonies, and I love the fact that it’s not a popular, poppy song. It’s sweet, melodic, and it seems to be catching Sue’s attention. I smell a turnaround FOLKS! This song actually reminds of all the Christmas choirs I was in back in high school. Aww, nostalgia. Aww, memories.

Okay now GLEE has me laughing and crying at the same time. Folks seriously. I just laughed as tears are literally streaming down my face. Okay get a hold of yourself woman! So high off their performance, they enter back into the choir room and stop, shocked. First, all we see is the beautiful face of Tina, who smiles lovingly. And she simply, quietly says, “Artie,” then we get twinkle melodies, and we see Artie standing. And that’s when the tears start falling. Brittany came home and saw this machine that was made in Israel to help people walk under her tree. She thought it was a transformer. Artie said, “I assumed her Dad got it for her, but he has no idea where it came from. He went to take a long POOP and when he came back, it was there.” There’s something so juvenile about the word POOP that I always have to laugh at it. Hence the laugh/cry. But seriously GLEE, you’ve out done yourself. And look at Brittany, she’s so happy! They all are. I thought it was Sue, who bought it. But it was Beastie.

In the end, Sue does have her turnaround. She and the rest of the Glee Club help will not to have a lonely Christmas afterall. And on that sweet the note, we end this episode of Glee with this exchange.

Will: Sue, I thought you hated Christmas.

Sue: No, Will, I just hate you.

And a Merry Christmas to All! And to all a goodnight.


Did anyone, for a split, second think it was going to be Terry in his house? And who else misses Kurt in Glee? Come back already dude, and bring Darren Criss with you!

This episode rates a 4 star I think. Glee, after a few touch-and-go episodes there, you’re warming your way back into my heart.

  1. Sarah Q says:

    Great recap! Just a heads up, that wasn’t Sue singing Mr. Grinch — it was K.D. Lang.

  2. Megan Schmidt says:

    T$, I agree with you about the song, Baby, it’s cold outside. Hearing them sing it renewed my love of it, but I love Zooey singing it even better too. I tried to download her version, but the partner she sings with isn’t so great. Anway, I look forward to your recap of Blue Valentine tomorrow. And I was a little disappointed in the season so far too, but it’s growing on me again.

  3. 泳鏡 says:

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