Glee Recap: Rocky Horror Picture Show

Posted: October 31, 2010 in TV
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Hey folks. Here it is! The long awaited Glee Recap.

Let me tell you people. Wednesday night, I came home sat down with a beverage, picked up the remote, and searched through my DVR list to find Glee. And my stupid cable box DID NOT record it. What the hell Time Warner Cable. Anyway, yesterday, I managed to FINALLY watch it on Hulu. And while I know nothing about the Rocky Horror Picture Show, I loved the musical numbers and the whole ambiance of the production. Lets get started huh?

Lips. Nice. Costumes. Fantastic. Sets. Awesome…

We start off with Emma, fresh off a fantastic date with Carl the dentist. Turns out Carl took Emma to a Rocky Horror Picture show, in the ghetto, with people dressed up like the characters spraying various unidentifiable fluids. Man, romance is dead these days! Anyway, Emma LOVED IT, much to Will’s surprise. In one fell swoop, Carl managed to do what will couldn’t. Change Emma for the better. So in a jealous attempt to gain back Emma’s attention, he announced to her the Glee Club is also doing Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Whoa – I just saw Meat Loaf’s name in the credits and got distracted.

Upon learning they will be doing the RHPS the guys of Glee suddenly become insecure and self conscious, just in different ways. Finn hides his body, and “ab-ulous” Sam eats healthy and works out all the time. Finn is a good looking guy – at least compared to Sam. I don’t know what he has to be so worried about. Maybe it’s just me, but nice face is better than good abs. (Though the abs don’t hurt!)

Then we finally get a long missed SUE’S CORNER. Now even though the WHOLE show is one big awesome quote. Here’s just a snipette of fabulousness. “Halloween is a day when parents encourage little boys to dress like little girls, and little girls to dress like whores and go door to door brow-beating hard working americans into giving them free food.” Good one, Sue.

Later, some school district dudes, or government dudes, or just nicely dressed men in suits – Hey! It’s Meatloaf! – approach Sue and tell her she could win an Emmy if she does an expose on the Glee Club’s performance of RHPS. Looks like Sue won’t be opposing the play like Schue thought.

Rehearsals begin with Finn and Rachel singing “Dammit Janet.” And I’m digging it. It’s peppy and the backup dancers are awesomely sarcastic. Plus Quinn with a fro and her cheerleading outfit is fabulous. She’s really rocking that look. Good work Hair and Make-Up Department.

Then we get two gems from Sam. A good view of his abs, and “Ain’t no carpool land into sexy.” Oh BTW – As the guys are talking about looking healthy, working out, and having body issues. I’m watching them with a jack and ginger ale, while eating skittles. I guess that can be compared to watching Biggest Loser while eating ice cream. But don’t be a hater, you can’t hate Jack Daniels. It’s impossible.

Other Asian has to back out of playing Frank N Furter because his parents don’t want him playing a transvestite. Weird, back in the old days women weren’t even allowed to act in plays. Men played women ALL the time. I know it’s not exactly the same thing – but it is. How old school can you be? They don’t mind that their son dances and sings and is in the glee club (things not generally considered manly), but they don’t want him to play a transvestite? No, no, this is all just to create another opportunity for Matthew Morrison to be, yet again, creepy. Now he wants in on the KIDS musical. Come on. Never have I been in a high school play where the teachers were involved. But on the bright side, we do get a performance from Uncle Jesse Carl, even though he is singing “Hot Pututie” to a bunch of teenagers. Who think he’s hot. Really, tone it down Santana.

Next we get a fabulous performance from Mercedes (Amber Riley), who has decided to play the transvestite. Though the performance is outstanding. I can’t help but notice how fantastic the costumes and the sets are. I mean for a school that has no funding for the arts, they sure do have extravagant sets. But, I guess I shouldn’t be focused on such things right? It’s all good and fun. Back to the performance, we get another gem from Sam. “These shorts are really short. I’m afraid I’m going to show off some nutage.” Awesome use of the word NUTAGE, writers. I need to figure out how to use that word in my daily dialogues.

So now Schue’s put himself into the play, to try and one up Carl. And we get a creepy performance of “Touch A Touch A Touch Me.” The song’s good, and Brittany and Santana are fantastic…but Schue and Emma, no matter how fantastic Matthew Morrison’s abs are, are a bit creepy here. I don’t know I can’t explain it. But they’re doing this in the school people. It’s a lot more scandalous then when they did the “Thong Song.” To make matters worse, while Emma is gyrating on the desk, we sees students faces leaning over her saying “Creature of the Night,” and it’s really disturbing.

Finn, smart guy that he is, tries to show everyone how sexy he is by walking down the halls of his high school wearing the most unflattering white boxers. But there’s no time to think about it because we are then introduced to what could possibly the funniest scene of the episode. In their RHPS characters everyone is saying each other’s name in surprise as Sue interjects her opinions. It’s pretty freakin’ funny, only to be interrupted by Carl who’s more angry Schue hit on his girl, then the naked dance romp they did earlier. Okay, half naked.

Now, are the episode winds down we come to the after school special portion of the episode: What kids are exposed to, thinking of the kids instead of yourself, blah blah blah, it all feels a bit heavy handed as Mr. Schue can get. Will confesses to Emma that he was doing all these things to gain her attention and because he was still in love with her. And for once he’s being more mature then the kids. He admits, at least for now, Emma should be with Carl. He’s good for her. I agree. Then he turns what he learns on the kids. And they decide to perform the RHPS ANYWAY, but for themselves. And again, it all just seems like a waste of money. But that’s not the point.

Here’s a song I know. And it’s performed incredibly well. “Let’s do the time warp again!” I only know this song because in high school this girl would sing the song over and over and over again. Every cast member has a part in this performance, which is awesome, and reminiscent of Season 1. Oh and Tina is tapping! Thus ends a this episode of…GLEE!

Overall rating: B-

“Give me some chocolate, or I will cut you” Won’t we all Becky, won’t. we. all.



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