Movie Review: Paranormal Activity

Posted: October 24, 2010 in movie reviews
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I’ve been wanting to see this movie. The first one freaked me out, and I wanted to watch the second one as soon as possible with a full theater. Watching horror movies with a full theater is always best. Just for future reference.


Title: Paranormal Activity 2

Players:  Mostly unknowns, except for the main girl who I know as Heather from Jericho. I know her first name is Sprague.

Initial impression before watching it: I’ve been watching a lot of TV lately since I’ve been unemployed so I’ve seen plenty of PA2 trailers and I was a bit afraid it was going to be ruined for me. I still wanted to see the movie though. I love a good scare. Especially when it’s not of the gorey kind, but just the plain creepy – i don’t think i can sleep – kind.

What the movie is about: It’s both a prequel and a sequel to the original PA. The main girl from PA, sister has her house broken into so the family set up some security cameras around the house. Well..some wonky and creepy things start happening…involving a dog and a baby.


My Review: So my friend totally ruined it for me. He said when he watched it he was really scared and couldn’t sleep and it was a lot creepier than the first one. So I went into the movie with it super hyped up – which is NOT A GOOD IDEA.  Turns out my friend is just lame, because while the movie was CREEPY, it wasn’t as creepy as The Ring, which still creeps me out to this day.

Not to say this movie didn’t creep me out. A lot of what makes this movie so effective is just the anticipation of the possibility of something scary happening. Where just a simple thud, or a bang, or a pot falling are creepy. Some of the acting felt forced especially when the players from the 1st movie showed up and the sisters were talking about when they were “kids” and all the creepy things that happened. But the daughter was definitely a good actress. Seriously, parents, listen to your kids, sure a lot of the time the things they say can be jibberish, but when they come at you seriously freaked out. LISTEN. It’s just good parenting.

This movie was also smart to add the baby and the dog. When babies and dogs are put in danger it just ups the game a little. Like in the trailer when the German Shepard barks at nothing – creepy. Or when the baby looks at NOTHING. Creepy.

But needless to say I only really truly jumped out of my seat twice in this movie. And the ending was anti-climatic. It wasn’t nearly as effective as the first ending.

It was a good experience and I definitely recommend you see it in the theaters which a good crowd. Crowds always make horror movies better. I remember this one time in college at Halloween they were playing The Shining in one of those big classrooms that could hold 400 people. I’m sure everyone had already seen the movie, I mean how could you not have? “Here’s Johnny!” But watching it with that huge crowd made it 10 times scarier. And I was still freaked out walking home afterward.

So go see it, bring a jacket so you can hide your face and enjoy.

Oh and don’t go in the basement!


Overall creepiness factor: 3 out of 5.


Overall grade: B/B-


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