Glee Recap: Duets

Posted: October 13, 2010 in TV
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Previously on Glee, a whole bunch of stuff happened that I don’t really find relevant to the forthcoming show at all.



We open the show and, Pucks in Juvie, no surprise there. Sam’s back, looking skinnier, I think, but I don’t understand why he’s introducing himself, don’t they already know him? Quinn has a crush. And so does Kurt. Personally, I think Sam’s mouth is too big for me. And his haircut too emo.

Today’s lesson: Duets.

Kurt wants to sing with Sam, but he’s kinda creeping him out. Finn thinks if Sam and Kurt partner up it will be bad for Sam. Like putting a target on his back.

Oooh, Finn’s playing the drums. I like when Finn plays the drums, but he and Rachel are singing possibly one of the most annoying songs ever. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” But I kinda like how when he goes for the high notes he looks like he’d dropping a deuce. I’m not digging Rachel’s haircut either. Bangs don’t suit her face. I’m just saying. Okay, now they’re both making the poop face.

Rachel and Finn realize they are fantastic, but that it would be better for the team moral if they weren’t always the power couple. Cue plot point #2.

Mike and Tina are arguing and I don’t care. I’m just happy “Other Asian” is getting some lines. He’s looking HOT this season. He suggests he and Tina go to Asian’s couple therapy for their arguing. And Tina proceeds to say exactly what’s on my mind, “Why does it have to be Asian?”

Meanwhile, Brittany and Artie are talking in the hall. She hits on Artie. Artie: “Before today you never made eye contact with me”. Brittany: “I know for a while I thought you were a robot.” She wants to date Artie, and be a duet with him, but really it’s just to make Santana jealous. And it seems to be working…

Sam’s in the locker room dressing himself, and I gotta say even though I’m not feeling his hair, or his mouth, or his face, I’m definitely feeling his abs. Sam sticks up for Kurt which I like. But it seems as if Finn were right. Sam gets slushied by his football team because he’s partnered with Kurt. As much as I want to dislike Sam, I can’t, he’s just so damn charismatic.

Burt Hummel is okay people! He’s alive and out of the hospital! And even after a heart attack he finds a way to bring Kurt back to reality when he goes on his usual rants. Mike plays Burt with compassion, which we can all use a little more of.

The first duet in front of the class is Santana and Mercedes. They sing a song, sorry, but I like it. Minus the weird dancing. And their harmonies are tight. Their voices really mesh together.

Some other things happen, that I’ll just gloss over because whoa! Kurt is doing a duet with…HIMSELF! Dun dun dun! And I’m already digging it. Flashy Costumes. Top Hats. The Big Stage. Back-up Dancers. Glee at it’s best! I’m just saying. Kurt is wearing a badass, two-sided costume. I should wear one of those and confuse the hell out of people. He’s dancing with people I’ve never seen before; so called “Cheerios” Does this high school have male cheerios? And I thought the cheerios hated Glee club, why are they dancing with Kurt? And how did they learn these dance moves? So many questions! Not enough time. Gotta focus on the masterpiece in front of me. Wow, Kurt just hit a banging high note…

Since it didn’t work out with Kurt, Sam and Quinn partner up. He starts off teaching her how to play the guitar. A guy who can sing AND play the guitar? A man after my own heart. They have a sweet moment, so Finn goes in for the kiss, but Quinn can’t do it. Damn right, Quinn, you don’t need a man to make you happy! Sam is sweet, and apologizes but it’s too late, Quinn doesn’t want to sing with him.

Back to the duets, its Mike and Tina’s turn, but Mike’s scared. We get a great line from Brittany to Santana: “I’m mad at you but you’re still so hot.” I should use this line when I get mad at hot people.

Whoa, hold the phone guys! Hold the phone. Hold the TV remote. Hold everything! Mike Chang is singing. Well…squeaks, but damn. It’s an adorable squeaking. I love Broadway. Especially when it’s full of personality. And it’s not just your typical love song or power ballad. And Tina and Mike tore the roof down. I gotta say. This performance I will watch over and over again, because it was cute, funny, and we got to see <a href=””>Harry Shum Jr’s</a> awesome dance moves! Okay, I’m excited! Sorry calming down, but not before I rewind and watch it one more time.

What I noticed on rewind – even the orchestra was singing. Awesome.

Some more things happen, that I’ll skip over. I’m still thinking about Tina and Mike’s performance, but it looks like Sam and Quinn will be singing together again after some help from “The Power Couple”.  Artie is losing faith in Brittany as his partner, so Brittany picks him up. And I’m cracking up. How is she doing that?

Brittany: For our duet, we’re going to do it.

Good one Brit.

CUT TO: Rachel and Finn singing. Finn’s dressed like a priest, so I guess Rachel is a nun? Oh I get it it’s a religious song. Moving on…the club can’t believe how awful they were. And everyone wants to punch them.

Sam sings with his Big Mouth, oh and Quinn. I like this song. One of my favorites, even if it got a little played out in the end on the radio. They’re doing okay…but I think I like the original better. Sorry guys. And I’m a bit bored now. Sorry again. It’s too sugary sweet. Too cutesy. Or maybe I’m just bitter and jaded, but admit it – we make for the best recappers. Sam and Quinn hold hands for a bit longer then they were supposed to. Uh oh. Dun dun dun….

Artie is mad at Brittany and puts her in her place. And even though Santana instigated it, Brit still is at fault. And she knows it. She’s not so dumb after all. And they withdraw from the competition.

During the voting someone writes “Mercedes and Satan” on their paper which GENIUS. Mike Chang does a heart around Tina’s name. Really Mike? Really? And the winner is…Sam and Quinn. What? It should have been Mike and Tina. Come on Asians. But face it, the Asian’s are always the first to go.

Rachel notices Kurt takes the decision pretty hard and decides to approach him. Rachel: “I think you and I are a little more similar then you think.” Kurt: “That’s a terrible thing to say.” Ha! Burn.

But Rachel’s being nice. “I know you’re lonely, but you’re not alone.” Awww, way to go Rachel. And they decide to do a duet, just for themselves, but first, during their victory dinner, Sam and Quinn after learning more about each other such as: Sam is not gay, but does use lemon juice in his hair, and Quinn does like Sam and wants the dinner to be their first date.

Oh yeah, Brittany rolls a meatball to no one. Awesome and pathetic at the same time.

Rachel and Kurt are singing, but I think Kurt may be out singing her. We get a sad and sweet montage of the glee-ers. Rachel grabs Kurts hand, but I can’t focus because it seems insincere. Like she’s just posturing. But then they hit this one note where their voices match perfectly and in sync, and I get chills…


My Ranking and Grades of the Performances:

In last place…

7. “With You I’m Born Again” – Rachel and Finn. Grade C-

6. “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” – Rachel and Finn. Grade C+

5. “Happy Days are Here Again” – Rachel and Kurt. Grade B-

4. “Lucky” – Sam and Quinn. Grade B

3. “River Deep – Mountain High” – Mercedes & Santana. Grade B+

2.  “Le Jazz Hot” – Kurt and Kurt. Grade A

1. “Sing!” Tina and Mike. Grade A-.

(No it wasn’t a typo. The #1 song has a lower grade than the #2 song, but that’s the way, uh huh, uh huh, I like it. I’m a complicated woman. Get over it.

Overall Show Rating: B (ish)

Next week. Rocky Horror. Aww, yeah. I’m ready to do the time warp again.


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