Fall TV 2010 – Friday

Posted: October 9, 2010 in TV
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You thought I forgot about this didn’t I? Well I didn’t, so joke’s on you. Or something snarky like that. I feel like my posts need more snark, don’t you agree?

Okay so here it goes. Friday’s, in general, are usually dead TV nights. For the longest time the only thing I really watched on Friday’s was Ghost Whisperer (RIP), and Flashpoint.

Speaking of which, have you seen Flashpoint? It’s amazing. As are a lot of the shows that come out of Canada, I have to admit. Anyway, Flashpoint is about an SRU Unit and it’s really character driven which I like. It’s less procedural and more about the team, which makes it unique. It’s also pretty emotional, most of the episodes leave me tearing up. Anyway, because this show is out of Canada CBS broadcasts it all weird. The 13-episode season (though this year it felt like 8 or 9) usually plays on Friday’s throughout the summer. If it gets brought back, you should really consider watching it. It includes Veronica Mars Dad, who I’m sure has a real name, but he’ll always be Veronica Mars’ Dad. And also Amy Jo Johnson also known as the Pink Power Ranger.

Anyway, this year I’m trying out Blue Bloods. It’s about a family of cops, except for Bridget Moynahan who’s a lawyer of some type. I like dramas that are centered around families. This show is a bit more procedural, but since the family is more central then the VOTD (Victim of the Day) it keeps it interesting. Plus I’ve always been a fan of Will Estes. And Tom Selleck and Donnie Wahlberg aren’t so bad either So far it has a spot on my line-up. Rating So Far: B

I’m also growing on Nick shows like Victorious and iCarly. iCarly has been a fav for a couple of years now, I know it’s not on Friday, but we were talking about Nick shows and I went on a tangent. Anyway, Victorious, is actually pretty good. Sure the characters talk loudly which is typical of usual kid shows, but there’s something about it that’s…slightly endearing. I admit, I watch it. Usually on a re-run somewhere. Rating: B/B-

There’s also a new Teen Nick show premiering today called Gigantic. I only know about it because a friend and I spent 4 hours watching a That 70’s show Marathon on Teen Nick (Don’t ask) and they kept playing these damn previews of the show. It looks like an O.C. meetsDegrassi, Entourage Jr., only probablay made in Canada. Canadian shows always seem to have this way about them. Like Degrassi, that was made in Canada right? If not I’m going to be really embarrassed. Anyway, I’m checking it out. Are you?

What I don’t watch on Fridays: Medium (never seen even 1 episode, CSI: NY, Outlaw (PASS!), The Good Guys (That show is still on?) And some re-runs which helps when I have more then 2 shows that conflict with each other. If only they would keep consistent shows on re-runs on Friday. You know what I mean? Probably not, but that’s okay. I barely know what I mean. I just got distracted because someone on the TV show I’m watching ,as I write this, said the name Justin Timberlake.

Anyway, that’s all folks. That’s my Fall Line up for 2010.  Hope it helps.

If not, at least it kept me entertained.


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