Glee Recap: Grilled Cheesus.

Posted: October 8, 2010 in glee, TV
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Here’s this weeks recap of “Grilled Cheesus”. Are you ready for this?

First up we meet Grilled Cheesus. We hear omnious holy music, Finn’s eyes go wide on the face of Jesus in his sandwich, and then he proceeds to cut the sandwich in half. Um…there’s something wrong here. Then he prays to the sandwich and asks to win the first football game of the season.

CUT TO: Artie in a wheelchair scoring a touchdown. Um…weird. Even that’s a little out there for Glee. Would they really allow a kid in a wheelchair to play football? I mean talk about unfair advantage. Okay, calm down, it’s just a TV show. Moving on.

Next we are with Kurt and his Dad. I love Mike O’Malley, I gotta say. I usually refer to him as the weird Time Warner Cable guy, who talked about other cable companies hating puppies or something, but on Glee, I love him. And his scenes with Kurt are fantastic. But sometimes Chris Kolfer has a tendency to play Kurt a little selfish, and whiny, and a brat, but I’m guessing that’s probably what I was like at 16 so I shouldn’t judge him too harshly. Sometimes I forget I’m not a teenager anymore. Kurt gets out of Friday night dinners, (aww, I miss Gilmore Girls and their Friday Night dinners) after arguing with his father. Burt says they don’t spend enough time with each other. Kurt doesn’t care; he storms out. Foreshadowing people. Someone’s going to be feeling mighty guilty about this conversation later.

Finn tells the choir a man has recently come into his life. Puck thinks he’s coming out,  CLOSE UP on a hopeful Kurt. But No, Finn’s found God. There’s some arguing about church and faith (I’m glad we get all points of view here, not just the usual Christians-are-Crazy banter). Brittany: “Whenever I pray I fall asleep.” Hey, me too! Then Puck sings Billy Joel’s, “Only the Good Die Young”.  And suddenly while he’s singing my brain is on a tangent about do high school girls really wear their cheerleading uniforms every day? I sure hope they have multiple changes, if they do because otherwise those things could get nas-TAY.

Now, Kurt’s father is feeling some chest pain. Suddenly he collapses. NOOOOOOOOO! There’s an awful montage with Emma and Will going to tell Kurt about his father. And at the hospital, there’s a really insensitive doctor using big words. Does he really think that would calm the kid down? Especially when he uses words like, “comatose,” “no guarentee” “lack of oxygen,” and “I don’t know.” Kurt is obviously scared and he asks to be alone with his father. He grabs his father’s hand pleading for him to move it. Close up on the hand…hopefullness…but nothing. No movement.

Cut to commercial. Good one Ryan Murphy. Good one.

Finn prays to Cheesus to touch Rachel’s boobs when he should be praying for Kurt. Come on, kid. CUT TO: Him freaking out about Burt being the closest he can get to a father. Well you should have thought about that before praying to Cheesus to touch Rachel’s boobs. And finally, finally Amber Riley gets a solo and sings to Kurt. I love her voice. It’s very rich and soulful. However, Kurt ruins the sweet moment by again being selfish. I know he’s upset and I know he doesn’t believe in God, but I think instead of making a fuss simple “thank you” would have been enough. And he shouldn’t have walked out on his friend. Come on, kid. I know you’re hurting, but if you people to be accepting of you and your beliefs, you should also be accepting of other people’s beliefs.  But then he says, “I don’t want a Heavenly Father, I want my real father.” And yes, I do feel bad for the kid.

Shue and Sue argue about State and Church. Rachel lets Finn touch her boobs. Emma has some balls and tells off Sue and Sue brings up some valid points herself, then there’s something about “lusturous, ginger mane”.

Santana: “Last week we were too sexy, this week we’re too religious, we can’t win!” Brittany: “Now I know what Miley feels like!” Ha!

More arguing from the choir. More Kurt being hurt. More Finn praying for selfish things.  And someone FINALLY catches Finn talking to a sandwich. And calls him out, without knowing it,  about praying for selfish things.

Rachel, who at first was against religious songs, is now in the park having a weird seance, but makes up for it with an AWESOME SONG, “Papa, Can You Hear Me,” by Streisand. I’m downloading this right away. I like it when she sings songs like this and “Don’t Rain on My Parade.” These songs really show out her voice and give me chills. Now she’s singing it to Burt with all Kurt’s friends surrounding him, but Kurt won’t have any of it. He feels like everyone is shoving God down his throat and he doesn’t want it. He doesn’t want their prayers, or help, he just wants them to go away. Come on, kid! Even if you don’t believe something, as wrong as it is for them to tell you that you’re wrong, it’s just as wrong for you to tell them THEY’RE wrong. Did that make sense? I think it did. Let me go back and read it one more time, slowly, just to be sure.

CUT TO: A chilling, touching, emotional rendition of the Beatles song, “I Want to Hold Your Hand,” And I’m already tearing up after the first verse. To make matters worse we get flashbacks of a mini-Kurt with his Dad. Man, I’m such a sucker. I’m also downloading this song (I know you were wondering – you can rest easy now). Everyone in the choir is tearing up, and this actually feels real, unlike some tears that feel fake. I work in the business people, I can tell Glycerin from real tears.

Anyway, Mercedes, who’s awesome, calls Kurt on his BS. “I know you’re not really spiritual, but I feel like you’re closing yourself off to a world of experiences that might surprise you.” Kurt realizes he’s being stupid and accompanies her to church. Bravo, Kurt. “You had me at fabulous hat,” is the new “You had me at hello.”

Emma tells Finn there’s no such thing as a Grilled Cheesus, and Finn has a crisis of Faith. Really I think it’s just so we can get a rendition of R.E.M’s “Losing My Religion.” And when he’s singing it, I can’t help thinking, is that really how his voice sounds live? I’m know, I’m so cynical.

Then Mercedes and a wonderful choir sing to Kurt. “A Bridge Over Troubled Water”. Kurt realizes how accepting everyone at church is. Even though he is uncomfortable. He is grateful.  I think I like this song better than the first one she sang, but I think that’s also partly owed to the power of the Gospel Choir behind her. Gospel Choirs make everything better.

And I like that everything didn’t end up all neat and tidy with a Oh, Kurt now believes in God. It still ends “To Each His Own”. I believe what, I believe and you believe what you believe. And I like that. Religion can often go in tricky ways. Most Christians are portrayed as being over zealous, but most – well – a lot of Christian’s are just normal and very accepting. And believe what they believe but don’t think you are wrong for believing what they believe, and we don’t see enough of these portrayals in the media. Instead, we get Amanda Bynes in Easy A. I’m a Christian and even I wanted to slap her.

In the end Burt starts to come around. Thank God, because this show is great with him. And we get the whole choir, back together again, reminicent of the first 13 episodes of the first season singing Joan of Arcadia’s theme song, “What if God Were One of Us.” It’s beautiful and Tina actually gets to sing! YAY for the Asian Girl! But the song is over played. Sorry.

Oh BTW, Finn eats the Grilled Cheesus. Gross. That thing is like a week old isn’t it?

Best Quote of the Night?

“You can’t prove there isn’t a magic teapot floating around the dark side of the mood with a dwarf in it who reads romance novels and shoots lightening rods out of his boobs, but it seems pretty unlikely doesn’t it?”

“Is God and Evil Dwarf?”

Episode Rating: B-


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