So I saw the Social Network today. Also known as The Facebook movie.

Here are some things I thought while watching the movie:

1.  Aaron Sorkin sure has a way with words.

2.  Andrew Garfield reminds me of Hayden Christensen.

3. Is that the little boy all grown up from Radio Flyer?

4.  Hey that background artist is on Chuck.

5.  Justin Timberlake. I’m gonna see you soon.

6.  I wouldn’t put the margaritas there if I were you.

7.  Punch him! Punch him!

8.  How did he not get arrested?

9.  65 million dollars? Man, what I would do with that…

10. Man, that was a fantastic movie! 🙂

I read a review the other day about how in this movie none of these characters had any redeeming qualities about then and yet they were still mesmerizing. And that’s how I’d describe this movie. Jesse Eisenberg makes Mark Zuckerberg such a memorable character. He’s cold, calculated, quick talking, and frankly a jerk…but he’s memorable and that’s all we the viewer ask for when watching…anything! And if anything, go see it for Andrew Garfield’s sweet brown eyes. My Grade: A-


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