I barely know what day it is, and I love it. But I believe I owe you a Wednesday rundown of shows. So here I go.


Permanent Staples on my DVR

America’s Next Top Model – As much as this show drives me crazy. I’m addicted to it. Every re-run. Every episode. Guilty Pleasure. Though, confession. I usually just DVR it and fast forward to the photo shoot and judging. The rest of it is pointless. And in case you’re curious, because I know you are. BRAVO and OXYGEN play reruns 3 times a week on different days.

Law and Order: Special Victims Unit – I have no idea why I’m still watching this show, but after Benjamin Bratt left, and “Lenny” I can’t believe I forgot his real name but he was the father in Dirty Dancing, were gone from the original law and order, this is the best of the series.

New Series I’m Trying

The Undercovers – I love J.J. Abrams. I wasn’t sure about this series. But the pilot was cute, and fun. Nothing mind boggling like LOST. But I’ll give it another go.

Hell Cats – Don’t make fun of me, but this show grows on you. I wanted to hate it because it’s too peppy for me, but I actually really like it. It’s smart. It’s not high school, and frankly, the stunts are pretty awesome. In high school I used to watch cheerleading competitions on ESPN (It’s a sport!) all the time. Rating so Far: B

Top Chef : Just Desserts – It’s no top chef. It’s missing heart and Tom Coliccihio. I miss that bald bald man and his personality. The other guy, no not Gail, is kinda vanilla on the personality. And the people are REALLY annoying! Like REALLY annoying. Is it a pastry chef thing? Is it a dessert thing? What the hell is it? But I love watching the plating, I pretending I taste the food without incurring any of the caloric intake. (Wow those were some big words). So…I’ll keep watching. Rating So Far: B-/C+

Law and Order: LA – Taped it. Haven’t watched it yet. I’ll let you know. Or I’ll probably let it fall off my DVR and forget to tell you.

Shows I don’t watch on Wednesday: Cougar Town. I stopped watching it. Mainly because I had too many other things on my DVR and a half hour show just didn’t seem practical. But this show is DAMN funny and Courtney Cox keeps getting skinnier and skinnier. So watch it, even though I don’t. Modern Family – I saw my first episode yesterday and I liked it. BUT, it’s on the same time as other shows, so sorry Ed O’Neil. Survivor, Criminal Minds…yeah I won’t even talk about those – except I can’t believe they’re still on.

Well that’s it. I’m done…Ooh. My taquitos are ready! Peace out yo!


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