2010 Fall TV – Tuesday

Posted: September 29, 2010 in TV
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I’m currently being distracted by the America’s Next Top Model Marathon that’s on TV so please bear with me. There’s something about this show that every time it’s on I have to watch it. It’s a sickness.

Anyway, here’s the low-down/cliff notes version of the TV shows on Tuesday

Tuesday’s shows

–> Permanent Staples on my DVR

Glee – The plots are ridiculous and barely make sense. But I love this show, and most of the songs. I like it when they go for the oldies, but the goodies. Like journey, or broadway songs. But let me say this, if Justin Bieber guest stars on this show I may kill myself.

Life Unexpected – I love this show. Sure most of the main characters are immature and annoying, but isn’t it that way every show? Name a show where there is an interesting, mature, not annoying character. Can’t think of anything! This show seemed real and honest. Only this now have a student/teacher love affair plot line, which honestly, when I was in high school, I never had a 24 year old teacher. And secondly, that teacher isn’t even HOT. I’ll take the teacher on Pretty Little Liars over him any day. That’s more believable. This guy – not that good looking. But still, hooked.

It’s good. Watch it. Watch it!

Watch it!

–> New series I’m not completely sold on:

No Ordinary Family –  It just had it’s premiere yesterday, so I can’t say if it’ll stay on my DVR schedule or not. I have a weakness for superheros (Heroes 1st Season was awesome), and I love Julie Benz. I think the voice over’s were cheesy, it’s like they were telling us what to think and feel which are the dangers to any voice overs. Though don’t you think if real life had voice over’s it be a lot easier to figure people out? But I digress.  Michael Chiklis, there’s something about his voice that makes me feel his voice should be a cartoon character. The kids are annoying with no depth and I read a review somewhere that hit it on the nose: The kids act like they were written by adults who think all children act that way. I’d like it better if Kay Panabaker’s character were more like Emma Stone’s character on Easy A. More sarcastic then, screechy. Rating So Far: C+

Melissa and Joey (ABC FAM) – even though Melissa Joan Hart’s character is pretty much Sabrina the Teenage Witch but without the powers, there’s something about this show that I can’t get enough of. Maybe it’s because she and Joey Lawrence bring back feelings of nostalgia, when shows were more fun and less complicated. It’s had about 6 episodes now, I’m not hooked, but it’s the kinda TV you watch while surfing the internet, if you know what I’m saying. Rating So Far: B

Raising Hope – I’ve only seen one episode so far, but the Pilot was sweet. It took a while for me to get it. At first I thought the characters were unrealistic, superficial, and overall just frustratingly unlikeable human beings. But they redeemed themselves at the end. And I’ll give it a few more goes. Rating So Far: B-/C+

Running Wilde – Love Keri Russell. That’s all I think about it so far. I’ll give it another go. Rating So Far: C

–> New Series I gave up on

Detroit 187 – I watched the first 5 minutes of it and got bored. And…goodbye!

–> Show’s I don’t watch

Parenthood – I liked the pilot, I love Lauren Graham, but the episodes started building up in my DVR. Then I had to leave the state for 2 months and I had to delete it to make shows that I really wanted to save like LOST. Sorry Parenthood. I’m sure you’re a good show.

The Good Wife – Never seen an episode. Not interested. Sorry.

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