2010 Fall TV: Cliffnotes Version – MONDAY

Posted: September 29, 2010 in Uncategorized
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Wanna know what to watch? Or What not to watch? No? Too bad. I’m going to tell you anyway.

But – the cliffnotes version.


Chuck (NBC)– haven’t started the new season yet, but Linda Hamilton is guest staring this season so this show isn’t going anywhere.

House (FOX) – Not sure about this whole Huddy concept, but the 2nd Episode made me cry. We’ll see if I keep watching. Rating so Far: B –

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) – Love love love it. Last season was shaky. This season is great so far. Full recap of “Who’s Your Daddy?” Coming soon, but teaser: Barney Stinson + Auto-Tune = TV Comedy Gold. Rating So Far: A-

The Event (NBC) – Haven’t started watching it yet. But I’ve loved Jason Ritter ever since Joan of Arcadia.

Lone Star (FOX) – I liked it. But it’s dead…so….AWKWARD! Plus I hear the main guy is a jerk in real life so I guess, karma?

Hawaii 5-0 (CBS) – I still think AOL couldn’t act his way out of a paperbag – or into it for that matter. But at least he takes his shirt off more on this show then he did on his other ones. I vote for less talky talky from him and more abs. However, I DO love Jin from LOST, and Grace Park, and Scotty Caan, so I’ll keep watching. Rating So Far: B

Chase (NBC) – It’s a procedural. The second episode was better than the first. But still not sure. I’ll give it a few more tries.

The Big C (SHO) – I love this show. Laura Linney is amazing. This show manages to piss me off, make me laugh, and cry all in the same episode. Plus extra points for no commercials and a hot doctor with puppy dog eyes. Rating so Far: B+

As for the other Monday shows: I gave up on 90210 and Gossip Girl last season. And I don’t understand why people still watch Two and a Half Men. Dancing With the Stars, is cheesy and stupid and frankly a waste of time.

Come back for Tuesday’s Run down.


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